3 Things Needed Before Abortion

This woman is thinking about the 3 things needed before abortion.

There are three things needed before an abortion: STD testing, pregnancy confirmation, and an ultrasound to reveal critical pregnancy details.

Making sure you’ve done these three things will cover the basics, but you’ll also want to read the risks and side effects of abortion procedures, understand the financial and emotional costs, and think through all of your options. 

Remember, it’s very hard to reverse any pregnancy decision, so you want to be sure. Keep reading to learn about the basic precautionary steps you should take before considering abortion.

1. STD Testing

Did you know that common bacterial STDs like chlamydia and gonorrhea often don’t show any signs or symptoms? That’s why you need to get screened for STDs regularly if you’re sexually active, and especially before abortion or childbirth.

Why STD Testing Matters Before Abortion

If you have an untreated STD during an abortion of any kind, it can cause the spread of the STD further into your reproductive system. This can worsen the infection and possibly cause pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). The damage from PID can threaten your future fertility.

We offer no-cost STI/STD testing at our center for chlamydia and gonorrhea.

2. Pregnancy Confirmation

Unfortunately, false-negative and false-positive pregnancy test results happen. While these tests are generally accurate, certain medications, user-error, timing, or early miscarriage can trigger false results. You definitely want to be sure of your results before you take any next steps.

Know For Sure

By receiving accurate, lab-quality pregnancy testing in our center, you can take user error out of the equation. If you test positive, we will confirm your pregnancy further through an ultrasound scan.

3. Ultrasound Scan

An ultrasound scan tells you how far along you are, whether your pregnancy is ectopic, and if your pregnancy is viable. 

Your pregnancy’s gestation (how far along you are) will determine which abortion procedures you’re eligible for. You will not qualify for the abortion pill after ten weeks of pregnancy. Instead, you will only qualify for surgical abortion.

What An Ultrasounds Tells You

An ultrasound will determine if your pregnancy is viable and progressing by screening for a heartbeat. If the sonographer can’t find a heartbeat, a miscarriage could have occurred. An ultrasound scan will also determine if you have an ectopic pregnancy, one that has implanted somewhere outside of the uterus. This can be life-threatening, and requires a different medical procedure than abortion to treat it.

We Covered The Basics. What Now?

Taking these three basic steps will help protect your health, but those aren’t the only steps you should take. Make sure to think your pregnancy decision through, speak to a counselor or trusted friend, and consider the costs. It’s your future. Only you can make this decision.

Schedule a no-cost and confidential appointment for pregnancy testing, STD testing, and an ultrasound. Talk with our caring team about your situation. We’re here for you.

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