Before you Decide – Abortion Information

Before any type of medical procedure such as an abortion, a good doctor will use the following steps:

Discuss Treatment Options
We believe that the best decision is an informed decision, one makes after you have all the information available to you about your current health and the impacts of all of your options. In the case of a pregnancy, it’s important to take the following steps before deciding between abortion, adoption, and parenting.

Receive a Health Assessment

It is important to determine your overall health prior to any medical procedure including an abortion. For example, the risk for complications with an abortion increases if you have an STD or STI.

Get a Clinical Pregnancy Test

Although the accuracy of home pregnancy tests is high, a medical professional needs to confirm your pregnancy through a professional-grade pregnancy test.

Determine Viability and Gestational Age

A positive pregnancy test does not guarantee a viable pregnancy. Did you know that 1 in 5 pregnancies end on their own before 7 weeks? Also, because the risks associated with each type of abortion increase the farther along in you are, it is important to determine the gestational age of your pregnancy before making a decision. An ultrasound is the only accurate way to determine viability and gestational age.

Treatment Options Discussion

Your provider should discuss all of your pregnancy options with you and answer all of your questions, free from bias, pressure or judgment.

These services are medically necessary before any abortion procedure, and are all available for FREE at Willow Women’s Center. Come to Willow Women’s Center FIRST–the best decision is an informed decision. Schedule your Free Pre-termination evaluation Today by calling 844-294-5569 or email us now.