Do you perform or refer for abortions?

Willow Women's Center does not perform nor refer for abortions. We do provide no-cost medical services and information so you have what you need to make the best possible decision, and our center does not financially profit from the choice...Continued

How much do your services cost?

All of the services provided by Willow Women's Center are at no cost. We do not charge so that every woman who might be unexpectedly pregnant can get the information she needs to make the best possible decision for herself.Continued

What are the signs of an STD?

While there are a few known Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) symptoms, like painful urination and unusual discharge, STIs are symptom-less the majority of the time. This does not mean they cannot cause harm to you. At Willow Women's Center, we...Continued

Why do I need an ultrasound?

While a positive pregnancy test indicates you are pregnant, it does not confirm a pregnancy by medical standards. An ultrasound will do that, as well as tell you how far along you are, where the pregnancy is located, and whether...Continued

How do I know if I am pregnant?

The most common sign of pregnancy is a missed period, though there are others like: a sudden onset of fatigue, tender or swollen breasts, nausea or vomiting, and food cravings or aversions. There is no single symptom that guarantees you...Continued