What is your role?

While women are understandably the focus of pregnancy, your opinion matters, especially if you are facing an unexpected pregnancy. Men are affected by unexpected pregnancy and go through their own emotions. Contrary to popular belief, most women do want to know what you are thinking and feeling about the unexpected pregnancy.

If faced with an unexpected pregnancy, it is completely normal to ask yourself questions like the following:

What you should do:


The majority of women see their partner as a trustworthy source, so your opinion does matter to her. Communicate how you feel about the situation, and make sure you listen to her fears and concerns too.

Get the facts

Be informed about each option, the pros and cons, and talk about them with your partner. Consider what your lives would be like if you chose parenting, adoption, or after an abortion.

Be there for her

Be available. Listen to what she has to say and don’t pressure her into any one decision. Keep communication open, and remind her that you are there to help and support her.

What you should not do:

Bail on her

It can be easy to feel like this isn’t something you have to deal with because you aren’t pregnant. However, you both are responsible for the choices that brought you to this point. Don’t leave her to make this choice by herself.

Pressure Her

Remember that, while your opinion does matter, this is ultimately her choice to make and you cannot force her to pick one thing or another. You may have different opinions in the beginning, but it’s important to talk through those differences and come to a choice that is best for everyone involved.

If you aren’t sure where to start, the staff at Willow Women’s Center can mediate conversations and provide education about the options you have. Schedule an appointment with us to learn more today.