Am I ready to be a parent?

Parenting is a challenging but fruitful journey, and if you’re unexpectedly pregnant, you may be wondering if you’re ready to raise a child. Even those who have planned their pregnancies have fears and concerns about their parenting abilities. The truth is that someone who was shocked to find she was pregnant is equally capable of parenting as the couple who planned to have children.

How can I be a successful parent?

Successful parenting is founded on a quality support system. As the parent, you support your child, and so any support that comes to you positively impacts your parenting ability and your child. There are questions to consider before deciding whether parenting is the best option for you:

  • Does your partner want to be involved in parenting?
  • Will your family support you in raising a child?
  • How would a child affect your career or schooling?
  • Are you old enough or mature enough to parent a child?
  • How would a child affect your financial situation?
  • Do you have a stable place to live with your child?

The trained staff and professionals at Willow Women’s Center can help you answer these questions and discuss the answers so you can fully understand what parenting would look like under your current circumstances. Our team can provide you with information, education, and support, whether you decide parenting is right for you or not.

It’s not uncommon to have many questions about parenting and your other options.

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