Pregnant and still in school?

Pregnancy can be overwhelming even for employed adults with stable lives. As a student, your emotions and anxiety surrounding your pregnancy can be heightened even more because of the circumstances you’re facing. This doesn’t mean you should go through this experience alone. The staff at Willow Women’s Center can help you explore some of your more difficult questions, like:

  • Will I be able to finish school?
  • If I want a good future, is abortion my only option?
  • How do I tell my friends and family?
  • Should I tell my partner? If so, how?
  • Am I ready to be a parent?
  • What would adoption feel like?

If you are or think you might be pregnant and you’re still in school, Willow Women’s Center is here to help you get answers to these questions and consider the answers so you can make the best possible choice for you. If you have any further questions regarding insurance or confidentiality, read our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us.

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