What to Expect - Willow Women's Center
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What to Expect

Just one call to Willow Women’s Center will initiate your no-cost, caring, and confidential appointment

Upon your arrival you will meet with a personal Advocate who understands your specific situation. She will spend time understanding your concerns, and will provide you with education regarding all of your pregnancy options including abortion, adoption and parenting. We do not profit from any of your decisions and want you to be empowered and confident to make your own. Willow will let you explore them in a safe and non-judgmental setting.

Pregnancy Testing at No Cost to You

You will then meet with a Nurse, who will perform a urine pregnancy test, provide you with those pregnancy test results and review your medical history. She will also begin your STI testing from the same urine sample. The goal of each Willow Nurse is to learn about and understand your complete situation in order to provide you with the highest level of professional medical care.

Ultrasound and STI Testing at No Cost to You

Following your positive pregnancy test, a Sonographer will perform your ultrasound. The purpose of that ultrasound is to confirm your pregnancy (make sure you are actually pregnant), and also tell you how far along you are.

After your ultrasound exam is complete, your Advocate will provide you with a customized list of referrals on your Personalized Solutions Plan. She may schedule a follow-up appointment for you at that time if necessary, and will ask if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Compassionate Care and Professional Medical Services

Throughout your appointment, it is the goal of each staff member to provide you with compassionate care and professional medical services. Each Patient Advocate and Nurse is specially trained to serve women facing unplanned pregnancies, so rest assured that you will receive all of the education that you need in an environment where you can feel comfortable.