What’s the Difference Between Plan B and the Abortion Pill?

This woman is wondering what's the difference between Plan B and the Abortion Pill?

Plan B is an emergency birth control designed to be taken soon after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy, and the abortion pill is a combination of medication that ends an early pregnancy up to ten weeks along. If you are concerned you could be unintentionally pregnant, our medical staff is available to confidentially discuss your questions at no cost to you. 

What are Plan B and the Abortion Pill?

Plan B and the abortion pill are separate types of medication intended to be taken in different situations. They are not interchangeable, and for your health, it’s important to be fully informed about each one’s function, risks, and other considerations.

What is Plan B?

Plan B is called the “morning-after pill” as it may be taken the morning after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. There are several types of morning-after pills. Plan B is a brand that contains levonorgestrel.  

What Should I Know About Plan B?

Plan B is designed as backup emergency contraception, not as a regular form of birth control. 

Plan B Can Fail

You should know that Plan B is not always effective in preventing pregnancy, even if you follow the instructions perfectly. If you have questions about the effectiveness, visit us for no-cost pregnancy testing.  

Plan B is Not for Everyone or Every Situation

Plan B is not an appropriate medication for everyone, as it’s possible you may have allergies or other health conditions making it less effective. It also doesn’t protect you from STIs. In the event you have a positive pregnancy test here, we can provide testing for common STIs.

Plan B Has Side Effects 

Common side effects of Plan B are bleeding, lower belly pain, and nausea. It’s rare but not impossible that you could have an ectopic pregnancy (a dangerous condition) even after taking Plan B. 

What is the Abortion Pill?

Most commonly, what is called the abortion pill refers to a two-step combination of medication (mifepristone and misoprostol) designed to end an existing pregnancy. It is intended to be taken only during a certain time frame of pregnancy. 

What Should I Know About the Abortion Pill?

Abortion is a serious decision, so you will want to gather all the facts and explore all aspects of your situation.

The Abortion Pill is Not for Everyone or Every Situation

You should know if you are in the right timeframe of early pregnancy to take the abortion pill, as the abortion pill is not for women later than ten weeks pregnant. To be sure, visit us for lab-quality pregnancy testing and an ultrasound at no cost to confirm if you’re pregnant and how far along you are.

The Abortion Pill Has Risks and Side Effects 

Side effects of the abortion pill include bleeding and cramping. Risks and complications also include severe pain, infection, and incomplete abortion.

What Should I Do Now?

It’s understandable to feel nervous when faced with the possibility of an unintended pregnancy, whether you just had a condom slip or your period hasn’t come yet this month. 

The best thing you can do first is to take a breath and know you aren’t alone.

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